Fabous Lung Guy consult and biopsies

I hope you don't mind but I'm sharing the public post I did on my social media...

Well the consult with the chest medicine specialists went as expected with a couple variations.

Longer read warning, proceed at your own risk ⚠️ 

The big mass, aka "twinkie" due to its measurements, is not in the lung, but actually in the chest wall and lining, affecting 3 ribs so that means surgery at this time is not an option. 🤷‍♀️

📽 Side note I swear I could have been the star of a Mythbusters episode yesterday. 

As producer I would have called it, "Can a gunshot to the chest really be walked off as Hollywood makes it seem?"

My thoughts are a hard NO. 🙅‍♀️

After freezing and incision, my Dr attempted to do several chest wall biopsies to determine from where the cancer originated and type. The freezing didn't take well and I damned near passed out.

Like eyes rolling back in my skull and hyperventilating to the point of puking. 🤮

I really think I'm a tough chick with a high pain tolerance. That was insane.

Short story? I'd gladly redo child birth without an epidural than attempt that again without something prior to slice n dice. Jeebuz‼️

At the end of the appointment we have 4 biopsies and a needle aspiration for testing.

If it is primary lung cancer, we are looking at least stage 3.

If it came from elsewhere or metastasized, then stage 4 cancer.

Bonus, they also found some other spots that may or may not be cancer in the lung tissue, in addition to several affected nodes in my center chest. 

The results will decide the next steps, whether further testing is required and what treatment options are available.

Sounds grim, I know.

👇👇 So here's the skinny. 👇👇

I FIRMLY BELIEVE that my first round of cancer was the universe sending me on reconnaissance so I would understand and not fear my enemy. 💪

That my battle would be hard but winnable. 

That I could keep a cool head and heart under pressure and be able to focus on solutions rather than outcomes.

And with all of you, and your strength and prayers flooding in I know my circle will be ever stronger. 🙏

I'm not quitting. Remember they couldn't operate the first time around either and I KICKED ITS ASS TO THE CURB.

No reason to expect anything different this time.

That's my update. Yep, I'm on pain meds (started out with tramadol but yesterday shifted me to hydromorphone) I'm eating well and getting lots of fresh air/sunshine etc. 🌻

I have no problem answering questions, love coffee and welcome chats etc. 

Catch you all on the flip flop!



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4 people threw a punch at your cancer.
Helen Marshall, Marcia sent you a hug.
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I was trying to visualize how that tennis ball could fit within the lungs.
You have a TERRIFIC attitude and humor. Both are necessary, to win each battle.
Hugs & prayer.
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Hi Bobbi, hmmmm🤔...this has me wondering since I read your post, but could the primary be in your breast? Someone I worked with had tumor on her chest wall and primary was found in breast! Lung Ca doesn’t usually go to chest wall.....well, I hope the best possible scenario for your biopsies is the scenario you get😘. I be prayin’ always.
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Just know I'm praying for you, Bobbi. I think between prayers and your hard-nosed attitude to beat this, you will. Like they say, it doesn't matter if you think you can or you can't...you're right.
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the fear of the unknown, what could happen to my family if things go south

to never stop fighting, to accept help when offered, and to support others as it lifts your spirits too!

just kick my tail when I get too low, assist with my kids and their routine, be a friend and listener to my hubby

the help of using MRI vs CT with treatment, not detection.

Hugs, and a reminder life is what it is. a gift no matter how short...

Cross Cancer Institute of Edmonton

Eat what they tell you to, excercise when able, and breathe

Stay pissed off as anger helps to motivate you. When you accept and stop fighting, you stop... period.

May 16, 2013

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