A year as an Emotional Rollercoaster

Yesterday marked my 1 year post treatment assessment and I am happy to say other than a few (very minor) issues I am still looking great inside and feeling fabulous outside.

The oncologist had an intern with him this time and she was great... a very sweet bedside manner and very direct with her questions - a refreshing change.

She was understandable upset when I told her my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this week, offered the correct sympathies and then got very serious about my follow-up.

She reminded me that while on hormone therapy this may increase my risk of developing breast cancer. I smiled a watery smile and said I flushed them when I heard from my mom.

She said I would need to be aggressive with my bone health as I am now a candidate for osteoporosis (sp?) and recommended natural calcium supplements (milk, cheese, yogurt etc) and also needed to start lifting weights and really increase the weight bearing exercises to increase bone density.

Sighs... no more couch spud here lol!

I am still shook by my mom's diagnosis, and she has opted for the mastectomy of her right breast, followed by 6 weeks of chemo. Been there done that at least, so I can give her a heads up if she asks.

I wish I was closer to her as she lives 7 hours away, but at least she and my sister have mended fences somewhat, and maybe will now have a stronger relationship because of the cancer. Maybe God does work in mysterious ways, and this was His sick sense of humor coming into play.

Sorry guys and gals, a little bitter here but we will keep fighting and keep praying for a strong finish!

Love ya all, just wanted to touch base.

~ Bobbi

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Hugs, bobbi...that really is a double whammy (but glad to hear the odd good news that results from a cancer diagnosis)....my exercise secret is to get some weights and a treadmill and a TV screen in front of it. EVERY day on the treadmill!! I have increased my bone density somewhat as a result, and intend to keep doing it! Keep on fighting!
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Yeah it took me for a ride... I will definitely be investing in a gym membership and some good running shoes. My old dog is my new work out buddy and she loves to drag me down the street lol ;)
I am sorry about your Mom and applaud your choice to ditch the hormones. Have you gotten a bseline DEXA scan? It can be helpful. my doc recommended sunshine(!) and D3 1,000 IUs daily. I joined a gym too and weight training is surprisingly fun(?). I always focused on cardio but adding a weight circuit makes me feel strong and helps tones everything. I can't seem to lose any weight and i attibute that to low estrogen but weights can help turn the fat to muscle. Good luck to you and your Mom!
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Good to hear you're doing well; sorry about the other two. I've got the osteoporosis too but my regimen is a little different. My bones deteriorated too much so I'm limited to walking, swimming, and weight training, which has actually been working quite well. Don't forget to eat lots of protein rich foods! :)
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Bobbi, I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis of your mom, but if she is even half as tough as you are, I'm sure she is primed for a fight! I empathize with the situation of having your mom so far away, but I'm sure you are right that this will bring everyone closer together in spirit. Great to hear that you are doing so well. I'm sure you'll have no trouble managing your bone density - you just have to take your own advice that you gave to your kids about how "Milk does a body good" :)
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Bobbi Congratulations on your one year mark... Cheers my friend .. You are an extraordinary woman. I am sorry to hear about you Mom. It must be hard knowing what she has to go through but you can be there for her like no one else,, because you have been there. I will keep you both in my prayers.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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First I'm sorry about your moms diagnosis , there are no words to make that better. On the other hand congrats to you on your post year update... Bones can get stronger :) God sure does have an interesting way to go about things.... Trust me I've been questioning too but I have to believe it's in the plan! I hope all goes well with your mom and with you!
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BOBBI great to hear you have some good news on yourself. sorry about your mom. prayers to you and your mom. have a great summer.
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