18 Months Post Treatment

November 28, 2014 @ 8:41 AM PST to November 28, 2014 @ 8:41 AM PST
Post treatment check up came back clear. Next MRI is in the spring of 2015. Praying it is clear as well. Dealing with survivor guilt, and staying busy to keep the PTSD beast at bay. Every now and then I have a pity party to vent, but over all, I am just plain GRATEFUL to be here in one piece. I will continue to collect my marbles that roll away, but am trading them for warped ones as they don't roll as far (Bad joke lol!) God Bless everyone, May you each receive the miracle you seek! XO ~ Bobbi

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Oh that is wonderful news! LOL, maybe you should be playing with dice instead of marbles - they won't roll too far ;)
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The most excellent news Bobbi! I love bad jokes.. I actually married one once.. ok.. that wasn't a joke..lol,, I am freaking happpy for you!!! Sooo now till the next one your on complete vaca.. do not think of anything except happiness and love and fun .. Doctor's orders...hugs and love and always prayers AMEN and Merry Christmas! Sabina
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WOO HOOO!!! Have a wonderful holiday season and keep on posting!!!
Wow great joke. always in our prayers my friend
That's awesome!!!!!!!!! You'll be ok . Just remember ( I know cause I have to keep reminding myself ) take it one day at a time , I'm here for a reason, be grateful , move on and embrace the lessons that were taught due to this !
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Hi Bobbi, glad to hear about your clear MRI. We all hope that not too many marbles roll-out during surgery/chemo/radiation treatments, but some usually do. Survivor guilt is real (why am I here when I lost my uncle and my younger cousin to cancer?), so a little use of some counseling post-treatment is a good idea (in my opinion) to keep the PTSD boogeyman away. Wish you all the best this holiday season.
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